Behind my eyelids…

by   Posted on September 21st, 2011 in Uncategorized  and tagged

I can see the sunlight behind my eyelids.

When my eyes are closed and the room is dark;

in the dead of night I see the sun.

Behind my eyelids…


When we can see in four dimensions, with time being the fourth, time travel will be as easy as closing your eyes. You’ll be able to travel to whatever point in your life you wish to experience.

Once people are capable of this, it will give them a greater appreciation for “The Now,” and the people and events occupying it with them.

“I am here” will be a commonly-used phrase to express gratitude for the presence of anyone who hears you say it.

I am present in this moment, chosen from a wealth of other moments, for the sole purpose of experiencing it with you…

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