You Should Probably Read This First…

Along the Way is a collection of thoughts; thoughts from the mind of Aaron Canada. I’m Aaron Canada, and I enjoy referring to myself in the third person. I’ll be doing it a lot.

Aaron Canada came into this world to an audience of roughly 25-30 people. Why so many spectators? I’m glad you asked.

Aaron Canada was a, quote/unquote, Dry Birth. You’ll have to ask his mom about all the delightful details, but apparently a dry birth occurs when the amniotic sac springs a leak, slowly emptying the protective fluid inside.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem if a child is carried to a normal nine-month term. Aaron Canada’s term, however, lasted a full ten months.

He overslept…

He was in the womb a full month past his due date if you can believe it. So when labor was finally induced, the amniotic sac was, as I understand it, completely empty.

The reason for the audience, then, was quite simple: No one there had ever seen a dry birth. So here they all were, packed like peanuts into a delivery room, anxiously awaiting Aaron Canada’s arrival.

We’re talking spectators like the Head Nurse and the Chief of Medicine.

I would like to think that the room erupted in applause upon his entrance into this world. I would also like to think that, upon hearing the applause, he looked around the room, stood up, and told a joke. But that’s nonsense. Babies don’t know any good jokes.

Aaron Canada is now 28 years old.

He’s learned a few things Along the Way…

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